Adventure Clubs for Schools

Active Adventure provide a range of custom made, enrichment based Adventure Clubs, for schools looking to offer a rich learning platform outside the confines of the classroom.  These bespoke packages offer a viable alternative to outdoor residential camps, delivered in your very school, with very little fuss and enhanced focus on small group settings.

We offer a wide variety of outdoor experiential activities, providing children of all ages, authentic, meaningful, and enjoyable experiences in a range of natural environments.   There are no minimum facilities required, as all Active Adventures School Clubs are mobile and transport all resources to your school.  So when you book, we arrive onsite, set up, run your session, and pack up.  Providing you a simple and no fuss outdoor learning experience.  You can also read, below, how Active Adventure Clubs links outdoor learning with the National Curriculum.

Activities We Offer


Bushcraft clubs involve learning fire lighting techniques, methods of outdoor cooking and survival skills such as shelter building, water and food procurement, water purification, and solar navigation.  The exact programme can be tailored to suit your groups needs, so as to best achieve your goals.


Archery clubs are our most popular option. These are done using real bows and arrows, all safety precautions and standards are met by trained and qualified staff, copies of which can be given and explained.  It is either progressive training and coaching aimed to improve technique up to competition level or an introduction to the sport followed by fun and enjoyable games to consolidate what they have learnt.


Orienteering is an activity many claim to be experts at and very few can prove it. We will teach how to read, navigate and even create maps, the uses for a compass and how to even navigate terrain when you have neither. This is a very diverse topic which is challenging even for the brightest of children and can easily be tailored to age or towards being able to complete a specific task. The location of the schools limits how many outdoor and practical activities we can do but you will be surprised what is possible with what you have!

Team building

This features a variety of different challenges looking to improve a group’s ability to work together, apply strategy, use common sense, and teamwork to complete an objective. These are tailored to your specific objectives for the group, their ages and ability.


England’s most popular water sport. Obviously this can only be done in areas with either access to a swimming pool or suitable river/canal/etc. However we can provide transport to and from your location and all equipment and safety gear. The children can either be coached in paddle techniques and even receive accredited certificates for their efforts or they can have a series of introductory sessions containing games and activities looking to give them the basics of the sport.

Raft Building

If you have access to water, be it a pool, river, or lake, then Raft Building is a great choice for the more adventurous groups.  Here participants build, from scratch, a raft that must support their team across a body of water without sinking.

Outdoor First Aid

This is an exceptionally popular activity for any age range!  Participants are involved in a professional first aid course, with outdoor based scenarios.  Dependant on the needs of the groups, a more formal full first aid course is available, or specifically select aspects that are more relevant to your children.  All courses are full of hands on scenarios, with role playing, and real life situations making the learning more realistic.

Green Wood Working

From whittling a whistle, to carving a spoon and everything in between.  Green Wood Working is a fantastic activity if you are exploring mindfulness through engaging with the natural world.  Participants, through careful progression and training, are able to use a variety of tools to create their masterpiece.

Target Shooting

Target Shooting requires great skill and co-ordination, through a gradual process of honing skills and technique.  Using air soft rifles, making it safe, portable and great fun!  Accessible to many participants, groups will learn; range rules, rifle safety, handling techniques, and develop fine motor skills.

Outdoor Cooking

This is a brilliant mix of firefighting skills, as well as planning and preparing nutritious meals.  Cooking over open fires is exceptionally rewarding which produces delicious outcomes.  Some examples of meals, dependant on time available, could be; lentil stew, popcorn, pancakes, camp damper, and sweet bread.

Catapult Building

This is the ultimate fun-filled technology and design challenge.  Participants have the opportunity to bid in a blind auction for the resources required for the construction of a giant Catapult.   Then they must plan, prepare, design and build their device for the final test, a competition in which group can throw a 1kg weight the furthest.

Environmental Projects

If your school does in fact have a wooded area, then a range of environment based activities can be run.  All have a focus on sustainability, exploring the micro world of plants and animals, and the use of the outdoors as a creative space for expression.

Nature Art

From fired clay sculpting, to tree caricatures, art is an expressive way to explore the creative elements of outdoor spaces.  We have a variety of activities designed around holding space in outdoor environments, enabling deeper reflection, and mindful practice in the natural world.

Bird Watching

This activity, designed around the national curriculum guidelines for PSHE, with a focus on self-awareness, mindful attentiveness to ones surroundings, and support learners in development of personal character through engagement with the natural world.  Students will engage in a series of Bird related studies, from bird counts, habitat exploration, sonic observations, conscious psychomotor awareness, and tuning into biological rhythms of the ‘other than human’ voices within natural spaces.

Nordic Sling Braiding is one of many techniques we use to teach children traditional folk crafts passed down through various cultures.  It involves team work, some co-ordination and most of all and eye for detail.  There are several techniques we can teach, from individually stylised survival bracelets, the experience of using a French Knitting Spool, to using using a Viking Luciet Fork to make thick braided cordage.

Primitive Pottery Firing 1 (HD) - YouTubePrimitive Pottery is a fun engaging way of working a lump of clay into a piece of art!  Through this traditional craft students get the change to discuss the origins and methods of historic pottery making, whilst producing their own master piece.

Willow Weaving is a sustainable way to engage artistically with natural materials.  Student will get the opportunity to create a small project while learning about a craft that has been used for thousands of years!

In this exercise students get the opportunity to facilitate their own search and rescue operation!  First search skills and tracking skills are taught to students, followed by search planning.  Then in small groups they have to find a missing person (maniquin) using their new skills.  Once found they must build a stretcher and bring the missing person back to safety.

The Synergy Survival Course is a team challenge designed to test the physical, mental, and collective cohesion of a team!  In this course teams must race to complete a series of group challenges testing their co-ordination, speed, agility, communication, planning, all the while they are up agains not only the other teams but the clock!

School Clubs and the National Curriculum

Active Adventure School Clubs are not only fun and enjoyable experiences, the practice of outdoor experiential learning lends itself towards embodied experiences, creating spaces for self-reflection and mindful practices.  Many of our activities are also linked with the Department of Education’s National Curriculum (2014), as well as considerations for the up and coming changes to Relationship Education from September 2020.  This furthur covers the statutory guidance recommended by the Department of Education in relation to the provision of health education, specifically First Aid training which covers teaching students how to administer CPR, the purpose of AED’s, and basic treatments for common injuries.  Active Adventure here, can provide nationally regulated courses to cover these requirements, and enhance students life skills. The link below outlines how our School Clubs could be incorporated within the framework of the National Curriculum and how educators could link it with their practice within the classroom.

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