Adventure Clubs

We provide a range of bespoke Adventure Clubs with a variety of activities with the aim of introducing children of all ages to new things in an environment they are comfortable in and familiar with, as all clubs are held at their school. There are no minimum facilities needed as all Clubs are mobile and transported to the school, including resources.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Archery
  • Bushcraft
  • Team building
  • Orienteering
  • Kayaking


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Bushcraft clubs involve learning fire lighting techniques, methods of outdoor cooking and survival skills such as shelter building, water and food procurement. The exact programme can be tailor made to suit your school or groups needs, so as to best achieve your goals.


Archery clubs are our most popular option. These are done using real bows and arrows, all safety precautions and standards are met by trained and qualified staff, copies of which can be given and explained. It is either progressive training and coaching aimed to improve technique up to competition level or an introduction to the sport followed by fun and enjoyable games to consolidate what they have learnt.


Orienteering is an activity many claim to be experts at and very few can prove it. We will teach how to read, navigate and even create maps, the uses for a compass and how to even navigate terrain when you have neither. This is a very diverse topic which is challenging even for the brightest of children and can easily be tailored to age or towards being able to complete a specific task. The location of the schools limits how many outdoor and practical activities we can do but you will be surprised what is possible with what you have!

Team building

This features a variety of different challenges looking to improve a group’s ability to work together and use common sense and teamwork to complete an objective. These are tailored to your objectives for the group, their ages and ability.


England’s most popular watersport. Obviously this can only be done in areas with either access to a swimming pool or suitable river/canal/etc. However we can provide transport to and from your location and all equipment and safety gear. The children can either be coached in paddle techniques and even receive accredited certificates for their efforts or they can have a series of introductory sessions containing games and activities looking to give them the basics of the sport.